What is Nosal Fracture? How to diagnose and correct it?

A tear or split in the bone or cartilage of the nose is a fractured nose, commonly known as a nasal fracture or nose fracture. Usually, these cracks occur over the nose bridge or in the septum, which is the region that separates the nostrils.

What causes a nasal fracture?

The most frequent cause of a split is a sudden effect on your nose. With other facial or neck fractures, fractured noses also occur. Popular causes of noses that are broken include:

  • Stepping through a wall
  • Moving down
  • During a contact sport, being struck in the nose
  • Accidents concerning road vehicles
  • Being stabbed in the nose or kicked

According to Best ENT Consultant and Surgeon in Greater Noida, Signs of a fractured nose include:

  • Pain around the nose or across the nose
  • A crooked or bent nose
  • A swollen nose or swelling around the nose can make your nose look bent or crooked, even though it is not broken.
  • Nose bleeding
  • A stuffy nose that won’t discharge, which may mean the closing of nasal passages
  • Nose and eyes, bruising
  • The sound of rubbing as you move your nose

Diagnosis of nose fracture

By doing a physical examination, the doctor will usually detect a broken nose. This means looking at your nose and face and rubbing them. Your doctor may apply a local anesthetic to numb your nose before a physical examination if you have a lot of pain.

Your doctor may ask you to come back in two to three days after the swelling has subsided and your injuries are easier to see. Your doctor can prescribe an X-ray or CT scan if your nose injury tends to be serious or is followed by other facial injuries. This will help assess the degree of your nose and face injury.

Treatment of nose fracture

You will require emergency medical attention based on the symptoms, or you may be able to practice first aid at home and see a physician at your leisure.

 First aid 

There are a few things you should do at home before visiting the doctor if you do not have symptoms that need urgent medical treatment:

Sit down and lean forward while coughing through your mouth if your nose is bleeding. Blood should not drain down your throat this way.

Raise your head to reduce the throbbing agony if you’re not bleeding.

Apply a cold compress or ice wrapped in a washcloth to the nose for 15 to 20 minutes, three to four times per day, to minimize swelling.

Hospital therapy

  • Extensive care is not needed for all broken noses. Your doctor can do one of the following things if the injuries are bad enough:
  • Pack your nose with gauze and put a splint on it, maybe.
  • Prescribe medications for inflammation and maybe antibiotics
  • Run a closed reduction surgery in which the doctor supplies you with a local anesthetic to numb your nose and realign it manually.
  • Run a rhinoplasty, which is a procedure to realign the nose
  • Run a septorhinoplasty, a procedure to restore the nasal septum

Closed removal, rhinoplasty, and septorhinoplasty typically do not take place until three to 10 days after the injury, when the swelling reduces. When only mild fractures and no misalignment are present, medical attention may not be required.

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